Chris Crombé







15 mei 2024




Portal to the sea

60X60X3 cm pained clay, bamboe starws on a hard board



50x50x10 cm
Wooden blocks, straws and beads painted with oil paint and put on hardboard


Rainbow raphsody

Apainted clay and mosaic


world anthem
3D 50x50x6cm
Oil on hard board and bamboe straws


River Kwai
3d 50X50X6CM
Cardboard and mosaic on hardboard



Dynamic sun: 60x60 cm
Painted wooden blocks and bamboe straws

  Sea leaves
60x60x3 cm Painted clay and leather

"reinventing a cobblestone road" 50 x 100 cm Oil on canvas












Dancing with colors Oil on canvas
H90 W90 D2 cm
  The big bang Oil on canvas 80X80 cm  

Festivalitis Oil on canvas
h90 w90 d 4 cm


Brasilian soil filled with gems
50X50 CM
Oil on canvas




I would have created the forest like this. Oil on canvas H 100 B 50 D 2.5cm  

Damn paint pots have fallen over
Oil on canvas

Oops just dropped it. Oil on canvas H60 W60 D2.5 cm   My new slate roof
80X80 cm
Oil on canvas
My workspace. Oil on canvas h90 w90 d2.5cm   A dressed up snail. Oil on canvas 90X90 CM  
watercolors Oil on canvas H70 W50 D2.5cm   Splash 80 x80 cm Oil on canvas  
An organic Mondriaan: H80 W70 D2.5cm   A jellyfish proms Oil on canvas 90X90 cm  

a wedding dress 90x90 Oil on canvas


Natures art 80x80 cm Oil on canvas


Mondriaan meets a controled Pollock oil on canvas
H50 W70 D2,5 CM

  Birth 90X90 Oil on canvas  

a color explosion Alcohol ink on paper





a beautiful world

90 X90 X2.5 Oil on canvas



A colored Pollock SOLD

90x90x4.5 cm Mixed media acrylic and alcohol ink on canvas